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Tsinglan School GPA Fetcher and Calculator

Feb. 2023 ~ July. 2023



This code would only fetch your GPA and would not be able to access others' information. Your information will not be collected and attempts to alter data on Xiaobao are not possible.


Do not attempt to access others' information without the information owner's permission and any attempts to alter data on Xiaobao.

Cooperate with Bruno Chen and Mike Ji.


Currently, we are communicating with Tsinglan School to see if further integration of our project is possible.

Link to Repo

Link to Docker Repo


Go to a site already deployed and enter your username, password, and semester needed to fetch. The site will fetch your GPA and display it on the screen.

Link to the free site

Link to the paid site

Instructions For Deployment From Scratch

Instructions For Deployment with Docker