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Tsinglan Wifi Auto login

Finished internal in Dec. 2022, preparing to publish to App Store.


Due to demanding workload, this project is no longer maintained.

Are you annoyed by entering the password each time you connect to Tsinglan wifi?

Then try me out!

I can help you to simplify that process with a single click!

Just enter your credential once and when you connect to Tsinglan wifi again, you only have to click connect and you are all set.

Present support: iOS/WatchOS devices with Tsinglan login system connection on

This software is currently in the external test stage, and if you want to try it out, just click this link.

Screenshots (Turn on/off dark mode to see adjusted appearance under different modes):

iPad iPhone
Tsinglan Wifi login ipad light Tsinglan Wifi login ipad dark Tsinglan Wifi login iphone light Tsinglan Wifi login iphone dark

Apple Watch Screenshots and Testing are not available at this stage

Privacy Notice for this software testing and releases.

If you encountered any issues while using this software, please email me.